About Hamilton-Smith Consultants

Hamilton-Smith Consultants was formed in 1994 in order to fill a void in the Ontario Health Care Sector.

By providing timely MRI and CT scan appointments for Canadian Physicians and their Patients in Western New York, we were able to address the long wait times here in Ontario.

Although wait times have improved in Ontario, some patients are unwilling to wait three to six months for a CT or MRI study.

A requisition / referral from a Specialist, Family Physician, or Chiropractor faxed to us at 905-615-7741 will initiate arrangements being made for a prompt appointment. Radiological reports are faxed to the referring physician or chiropractor within 24 hours.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Partner facilities are located in Amherst, Kenmore, and Tonawanda NY, a short 35 minute drive from the border crossings at the Queenston-Lewiston, Rainbow or Peace Bridges.

These facilities provide the ultimate in diagnostic services. The Radiologists are all Board Certified and highly respected in their medical community. Many also work in the area hospitals.

Hamilton-Smith Consultants are Health Care Professionals serving Canadian Physicians and their Patients since 1994.

Closed MRI Machine
CT Machine